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Quinn Barham Updates

Updates on Quinn Barham_please get well soon.

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As requested, here is a chronological account following the awful and serious incident of BTYFC U14s player Quinn Barham who is in recovery following a heart attack whilst playing for Bradford Town Youth FC. Any well wishing will be communicated and appreciated in advance at this time.

3rd Feb:
I have just spoken to Paul (Quinn’s Dad) who has told me that Quinn has had a heart attack and is in intensive care. His condition is critical. He will phone me tomorrow and I will pass on any news to you as soon as I get it.
Just to confirm our conversation on the phone this afternoon:
· Quinn Barham came off the pitch shortly after the start of the second half complaining of feeling dizzy. Within a few minutes it became apparent that he was struggling. After an extraordinary response from paramedics and air ambulance Quinn left for Bristol’s Children’s Hospital. He had had a cardiac arrest and with assistance his heart was beating and he was breathing also with assistance. He was described as stable but critically ill.
· Paul and Debs (Quinn’s Dad and Mum) are with him at the Bristol’s Children’s Hospital and will keep me informed of Quinn’s progress. I will keep you and club officials informed.
· I’d like every parent to give their son the same message.
· No social media input on this please.
This has obviously been a shocking afternoon for all and many thanks to so many of you who saw what needed to be done and did it!
As team manager let me know if you think your son needs more support in any way at all.

4th Feb

Quinn is still in intensive care - on life support but stable. They have identified the problem. The coronary artery feeding the heart tissue is in the wrong place - it is between two valves. During exercise these valves work hard and effectively crush the artery in the middle so starving the heart muscle of oxygen - leading to a heart attack.
Quinn still has a very long way to go. Your prayers are still needed for Quinn and family.
I will continue to keep you updated as and when I get news. Please share this with the boys.

5th Feb
Quinn is still in the same condition. They took off the muscle relaxant this morning for a short time and Quinn coughed. He has had a brain scan to establish the level of brain activity and Paul and Debs will get the results of that this afternoon. If brain activity is positive they will operate on Quinn's heart tomorrow to sort out the crushed artery.

06 Feb
This morning Quinn has had his body temp brought up to normal and sedation has been switched off. They are hoping that within the next couple of hours Quinn will wake up. Assessments will then be made about the functioning of the brain.
All being well - they will operate in the next couple of days.

07 Feb
Quinn had a really good night last. The level of assistance has been reduced again. Because they feel he is stronger he had an MRI brain scan this morning - the results of which will be discussed with Paul & Deb tomorrow morning. Again, with a positive outcome here they will want to move swiftly on with bypass surgery.
Paul was really pleased to hear of our get-together last night. Thank you for attending - I think it was a really useful exercise for us all - boys and parents.

Great news.
MRI scan shows no problem with brain activity. Bypass surgery booked in for tomorrow.

08 Feb
Just heard from Paul- operation great success! They are going to keep Quin under for a couple of days, then will bring him round.

10 Feb
More excellent news.
Quinn has come round. He has given thumbs up, high fives and shown recognition of all the family with him. Tubes will soon start to be removed and sedation reduced.
To witness Paul's elation was lovely. There is a real sense that Quinn is now on a road to full recovery - incredible to think of his condition a week ago.

Thank you for all those prayers.


11 Feb
Just got back from the BRI where I met up with Quinn looking good, siting-up and smiling!
A cock-a-hoop Paul told me the doctors describe Quinn's recovery as nothing short of miraculous!
Still pinching myself.

13th Feb
Quinn continues to make really good progress. He has been up out of bed, standing with assistance, sitting in a chair and eating toast and Mars bars! No doubt next time I speak to Paul he would have done 50 keepie-uppies!

One of positives to come out from this is that the Club have bought a defibrillator unit for the Rugby Club and intend rolling out units across all grounds where we play. The club will be providing training for coaches and any volunteer parents.

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To Paul, Debs and Quinn,
You are in our thoughts, wishing for the best outcome. Stay positive and get well soon Quinn.
With best wishes,
Evan and Caroline Metz
(Parents of Jacob - BTYFC U14's B team and Aaron - U11's Panthers)
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Thinking of you Quinn, was called over to support when you collapsed from the Bromham team on the next pitch. There is not a day passed that I don't think of you and pray for your young life to continue in a happy and healthy way. I have seen all the support for you and you sound like an extremely popular, happy and loving character. I send best wishes to you and your family Quinn and hope to see you some day. Lots of love to you and your family. Xx
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Quinny, all of Westbury Youth U14's are rooting for you. One of the boys said "we have played many great games against you, but now we are ALL on your side". Take it easy dude, here's wishing you a full & speedy recovery !!!
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Just joined so that I could send best wishes and enco

uragement to Quinn. Everyone's with you mate -take care and concentrate on getting yourself as well as possible. All the best from Highworth in the east of the county.

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hi im paul barham the father of QUINTON..just to let you know that quinton is doing well since leaving hospital. He is back at school full time and is getting stronger by the day. we wish to thank you all for your help and support through this difficult time. ive tried to encourage quinton to attend some of the matches and to meet you all to thank you on a more personal level but he is not quite ready for this yet although im sure he will in the near future. once again , thank you all.
yours sincerely P,A.Barham


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